Young people often want information or assurance that what they are doing and feeling is right. There are some very good online resources that we recommend for parents and children to look at, in their own time:

  • BITEBACK  is an interactive self-help service for young people promoting resilience and wellbeing. BITEBACK uses strategies more aligned to the preferences and experiences of youth such as social networking, meditation and mindfulness exercises, text based and photo blogging and competitions.
  • ReachOut offers information, support and resources aimed at helping young people improve their understanding of mental health concerns, promote wellbeing and resilience, considers significant developmental issues such as sexuality and bullying, increases coping skills, and facilitates help seeking, help giving and networking.
  • Kids Helpline offers a helpline and web counselling services allowing one-on-one, real time counselling with a counsellor via the Internet.
  • MoodGym is a free self-help program instructing people vulnerable to depression and anxiety in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy skills.
  • eCouch delivers interactive self-help programs offered free of charge with resources for tracking progress and client experiences, and information and strategies for dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship breakdown, and loss and grief.

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