Organisations working directly with children and young people need help to make sure their procedures, and personnel are trained well and best able to support their clients through difficult situations.

Cairns Paediatric Psychology works closely with a number of government, non-government and corporate organisations offering a range of services that enable organisations with children as clients, to better manage and support them through difficult situations. Whether these children require support through every day scenarios, or they have experienced difficult situations; organisations charged with the child’s best interest, often require support and guidance themselves.

We help children who are:

  • recovering from trauma, grief or loss
  • adjusting to new family living situations
  • witnesses or victims of crime
  • requiring the support of allied health and medical specialists
  • in need of cognitive assessment and diagnosis
  • suffering from depression and anxiety
  • requiring strategies and tools to manage performance based anxiety
  • at risk of perpetrating crime.

In addition to assisting organisations to better support their children as clients, we are often called in at the organisational level to train staff, develop policy and strategies, and write clinical governance materials.

We have a long list of organisations that regularly call upon our services to improve their own organisational procedures, policies or support material; and to directly assist with their client families.

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