• Reducing the impact of anxiety – As a parent there are many things you can do to alleviate your child’s anxiety and teach them ways to relax… read more.
  • Your child’s first role model – So much is happening in the first three years of your child’s life that how you behave around them is crucial to the way they adopt ideas about drugs, alcohol, managing their anger and coping with life… read more.
  • Saying goodbye – Separation anxiety is a normal emotion for children between the ages of 24 months and eight years and usually works itself out when the child realises their parents will return. But for some children it can persist or return and may be severe enough to be considered a disorder… read more.
  • Bereavement and children in care Children living in out of home care have already encountered numerous and ongoing losses. The death of a parent or loved one is significant and impacted by various factors for these children… read more.
  • Children and bereavement – Talking to children about death must be geared to their developmental level, respectful of their cultural norms and sensitive to their capacity to understand the situation… read more.
  • ADHD – How to help your child – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can affect a child’s learning and social skills, and the way a family functions. Counselling for your child and your family can assist the development of home and classroom strategies… read more.


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