Danaë Owen

Who we are

Clinical psychologist Danaë Owen has over twenty years experience with diagnosing and treating children and young people from various backgrounds and cultures.

At Cairns Paediatric Psychology we can help your children cope with health issues, adjust to major life events (like divorce), or manage feelings that are impacting on school, work or family relationships.

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The Decision to Get Help

The decision to see a psychologist should occur as soon as you notice your child is having difficulty coping with everyday events. These changes may seem trivial at first, but are best managed early. We see children who are unable to:

  • Concentrate in class or at work
  • Focus on tasks such as reading, school work or playing
  • Communicate with their parents
  • Sleep properly
  • Eat nutritiously
  • Interact with friends and family
  • Enjoy their life.
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We help with individual children, their families, and organisations by offering a range of psychological services,


  • Psychological testing
  • Diagnosis and assessment of behavioural, learning and emotional difficulties
  • Therapeutic intervention
  • Family based therapy
  • Liaising with other specialists to assist your child
  • Organisational training
  • Preparation of therapeutic reports and assessments
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Children and Families

As a parent you notice when your child appears worried, unhappy, withdrawn or angry. The nature of youth means our children are often faced with personal challenges that they don’t understand, and don’t know how to manage.

They may be experiencing difficulty with relationships at school, anxiety, changes to the family unit, mood disorders, learning difficulties or any number of challenges. The aim of a psychologist is to reduce emotional distress and help rebuild the connections that sometimes weaken the individual and family resolve… read more.



Cairns Paediatric Psychology has a number of organisations we work directly with to support the development, and wellbeing of children…
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